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Filmyhit 2019: Download Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi Dubbed Movies

Who doesn’t know this very famous site for Downloading free Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi Movies Site Filmyhit or better known as Filmyhit. Com or Filmyhit com. This is very famous for downloading all kinds of Movies. Be it Regional Movies or International Cinema.

Filmyhit site is very famous to download Punjabi movies, Bhojpuri Movies, Malayalam Movies, Kannada Movies etc. and You can also download Hollywood Movies or Bollywood Movies on Filmyhit online site. But the strange or not very known thing is Filmyhit. Com is one illegal movie piracy site to download HD Movies. Filmyhit Punjabi is a very famous sub-site of Filmyhit site.  There is a long history behind the working of Filmyhit site.
Filmyhit 2019
Filmyhit 2019: Download Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi Dubbed Movies

Filmyhit 2019: Download Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi Dubbed Movies

I still remember how we used to wait for the holidays because in those days Saturday and Sundays were the only days when we could watch movies on television, thanks to Doordarshan. Then came the cable and we got numerous channels to surf but that wait to watch the latest and faster increased. 

Latest Movies watch online or Download faster is the new trend and craze for us. You can’t just wait for the movie to come on Television to watch because if you haven’t watched the latest web series or Movies You are not considered on smart kiddo of your group. 

Now at a time like this, we need to be up-to-date in the entertainment world. And to do that Sites like Filmyhit provide us ample of data and resources. Now when every week we experience 10+ movie release and due to time or, we can’t watch them all in cinema halls. We come to these free movie download site to watch latest movies online or to download them to watch later. 

Filmyhit serves best in both cases, You can download the latest movies to watch later or watch any latest movies online also. People are crazy behind watching the latest movies. That’s why Filmyhit online is getting so popular day by day for free movies download or hd latest movies download.

Now, I am assuming if you have to Filmyhit sit You must be willing to download the latest movies or be willing to watch any latest movies online. For both the things This awesome movie site can help you. Let’s see what Filmyhit in has kept for us in its awesome collection of movies. 

What is Filmyhit. Com? 

To start with let’s see What’s Filmyhit site is all about. As we talked there was a time when holidays were made for Movie watching. But Now when we are too busy to sit at home and wait for the movie amid too many ads. That’s where Filmyhit site helps us.

filmyhit is one illegal site for all the latest movies download whether it is of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Hindi Dubbed movies or Punjabi movies or anything else. This famous site has all the latest collection of movies to download or to watch online. Filmyhit is very famous for Punjabi and Hollywood movies that are is known for these categories separately like filmyhit Punjabi and filmyhit Hollywood. 

If you are really a movie lover or you like watching all the latest movies I bet you must have come across one or two times to this site. Filmyhit movie download site is very huge and famous not only in India but also across the world. Movies, TV Shows, 18+ movies, Cartoon Movies, Animation Movies, latest Web Series, You just name and filmyhit has that thing for you to download. 

The best thing about filmyhit HD Movies download Site is their site is very clean and clear to surf. Like No one wants too many ads while watching online movies that’s why Filmyhit Online has absolutely no ads movies to watch online for free. Filmyhit online site is very smooth to run, You can jump from one category to another very easily while watching movies in a separate tab or window. You will find this site amazing. But that doesn’t make this site one legal site to download or watch movies. 

The second best thing about filmyhit site is they have created humongous categories for their viewers. Like they have distributed their content in Latest movies uploads latest movies released, based on actors, based on Viewers age (18+ or not), based on genre etc. The benefit of these is if you are just willing to watch something but you don’t know exactly what then just visit filmyhit. Com and surf through their different genres. Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Drama Movies, Thriller Movies etc whatever Your interest is You can download from here. 

Because filmyhit in is one illegal site that’s why I would advise you that if you are downloading anything whether any latest movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi or Bhojpuri or any web series or anything Just Don’t use You personal network. You can use a VPN to watch online movies or to download but not your network. Everything you do on these sites is being monitored by the higher authorities and downloading illegal data is also Punishable with fine. 

I would say be cautious while downloading any movies from filmyhit home. 

History of Pirated Movies and Filmyhit Online

Today when we look at these free movie download site we see tons of websites doing the same business but previously it wasn’t like this. We had only a few sites that used to offer movies download services and that too not on the same day. Then with the Internet Era, we got Jio. With data rates going down we started downloading huge numbers movies daily & Free Movie download sites increased.

At this time If you search to download any latest movie online, You will come across tons of sites from where you can download your favourite movie. Now coming back the filmyhit com or filmyhit ninja, this was started as the copy site of other free movie download site. By copy site, I mean they weren’t the real people behind movie stealing or leaking. Sites like Tamilrockers, Filmywap, Movierulz etc. were the original site from where filmyhit used to steal the content. 

But with filmyhit getting huge traffic in just a few days they started making groups and started doing the illegal work themselves. Because now other sites are offering the movie on the same day of its release and If You are uploading the movie after 2-3 days. You can’t be in the ranking business. Also, one strange fact about the Filmyhit site, which most people don’t know about is, Filmyhit was never started with the purpose to leak Tamil movies. Filmyhit was started with the purpose to offer Bollywood, Punjabi movies to download or watch online. 

But you know how popular South Indian cinema has become nowadays. If you like good story plot with Lil extra action moves then Filmyhit Tamil movies download section is perfect for you. At this time Filmyhit is the hub of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies. They have created a huge fan base of South Indian Cinema. You can download the latest Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Movies from Filmyhit anytime anywhere. In short, at this time Filmyhit has everything You need to watch or download online. 

They even have a separate category for downloading Wallpapers and Latest Movie Ringtones. Filmyhit home site also offers the latest movies in all formats to download. Hd, 320p, 720p, 1080p etc are some of its kind. The one I like most on filmyhit com Hindi site is its 300mb movie format. If you are low on data which is very rare in these days, You can visit filmyhit live and download 300mb movies Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood etc.

Who Runs this Free Punjabi, Hollywood Movie Site – Filmyhit com?

Who is the owner of Filmyhit online site is the question in which many are pondering, including government officials. It is one of the Don movies question, Everyone wants to know about the Owner of Filmywap. Com but no one knows it. Being one illegal movie pirating site, Filmyhit home owner aren’t supposed to be known publicly because then these eagle eyes legal team of government will catch them. 

Few days back five people were arrested from Hyderabad who was associated with Tamilrockers site who works the same as the Filmyhit site. They were arrested and then with the information they had, government officials blocked the main Tamilrockers site and many other its domains after removing them from google. You already know how much work and money it takes to produce a film and these sites don’t think of it for once. They leak the movie from the cinema hall and upload that to their site for downloading. 

Like if we talk about the latest movie ‘Dream Girl’ or ‘Saaho’. If you search ‘Full Movie download Dream Girl’ or ‘Full HD movie Saaho download’ or ‘Full Movie Saaho Download in HD’ You will get tons of site from where you can download the movie. This causes a huge loss to the film industry. We will talk about that in the latter part of this Filmyhit an article about how these movies are killing your time with Indian Cinema Business. 

Government officials are still searching for the person who is behind all this but who cares when we have the best free movie download in Punjabi site. Filmyhit com is one huge free movie download Bollywood site. Filmyhit attracts more than 3 million visitors to their site to download all the latest movies. Their search base is very huge maybe that’s the reason why these sites are so famous all over the world to download the latest released contents. 

Filmyhit Home latest HD Movies Updates

Latest HD Movies updates on Filmyhit com is below. Though all these movies are free to download but there are few things to keep in mind and using VPN network is one of them. Just don’t keep downloading any movie just for the sake of downloading it. Download latest Hollywood movies free from here but don’t click on every other download button. Below are some of the awesome Latest Movies to download from this Filmyhit com:- 

Saaho Movies:

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor Starrer Full Movie Saaho was released on 29 August 2019. The story revolves around a person who fights a gang of thugs. Saaho movie was leaked on the second day of it’s released and available for download on almost every second Free Tamil movie download site. 

Filmyhit is the first Tamil movie download site which leaked and made available Saaho full movie download in HD. If you too want to download Full Movie Saaho in HD just visit filmyhit site and search for the movie. Hopefully, you can get the Saaho Full movie on filmyhit Home.

Or the better way to download the movie is just Search few keywords like ‘saaho full movie download’ ‘full movie download Saaho in Hd’ or ‘Latest movie download Saaho filmyhit’ etc. You will get tons of Tamil movies download site to download Saaho in HD with dual audio or in 300mb format.
Watch or Download Saaho Full Movie in HD Quality

Full Movie Kabir Singh in HD

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani Starrer, Kabir Singh is one huge hit on box office. The movie’s initial budget was Rs. 68 crores but It grossed more than Rs.372 crore on box office. This year’s biggest movie in term of box office collection is Kabir. Even though Kabir Singh was leaked on the same day of its release the movie managed to break the box office records of this year. 

If You want download Kabir Singh in HD quality with Clear audio, Visit Filmyhit in. Keywords which were trending on the day of its release are ‘Full movie Kabir Singh download in HD quality’ Download Kabir Singh full movie’ and ‘latest Bollywood movie Kabir Singh download in HD quality’ or ‘Bollywood Movie Kabir Singh download Online’

TO watch online Kabir Singh You need to visit Filmyhit online. Kabir Singh watches online on Filmyhit is another keyword which was trending that day. 

Full Movie Bharat in hd

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif Starrer Bharat Couldn’t do that good on Box office but as always Full movie Bharat was highly appreciated among Bhai Fans. Keyword trending on the day of Bharat Movie release was ‘Download Full movie Bharat’ ‘Full movie Bharat Download or watch online filmyhit’ etc. 

Watch and Download Full movie Bharat

Fast and Furious Presents;- Hobbs and Shaw

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham Starrer Full Movie Hobbs and Shaw was released on 2 August has now become highest-grossing non-superhero movie. Though I believe Dwayne The Rock is no less than any Superhero. Full HD Movie Hobbs and Shaw were leaked on the second day of its release by tons of Free Hollywood movie download sites. Filmyhit Hollywood was one of them. 

Keywords trending on the day of its release were, ‘Full movie download Hobbs and Shaw’ ‘Download latest movie of The Rock Hobbs and Shaw’ ‘Full HD Movie Hobbs and Shaw’ etc. Even though it was leaked on the same day of its release it broke any preset record of Hollywood. 

Watch Online or Download Fast & Furious Presents; Hobbs and Shaw in HD

Upcoming Movies to Download From Filmyhit

With the success of filmyhit online or filmyhit. Com, they created huge ocean of latest free movies download. At this time they are one of the largest free movies download site. Above you saw how Filmyhit online site has leaked the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi movies to download for free. 

Because Filmyhit com site is very fast in leaking every latest movie maybe that’s the reason every movie producer and director is so afraid of releasing their movies nowadays. Below are some of the upcoming movies which are going to be a huge success but due to these free movie download site this movie might not gain needed momentum. Let’s watch upcoming movies in 2019 

Full Movie Bigil in HD

Bigil the hottest movie of this year of Vijay is expected to be one huge success after iShankar. Vijay and Nayanthara starrer Full Movie Bigil is expected to be released on 27 October 2019. Vijay is gaining that huge fan base not only in south cinema but also in Hindi speaking countries also. The huge budget of the Movie of Rs. 140 crore is supposed to be seen in the cinema on 27th October.

Director and Producers are in huge fear of Bigil Full Movie getting leaked. If it happens then the movie’s business would be affected significantly. I think the keywords that would be trending on the day of its release will be, ‘full movie download bigil in HD’ ‘bigil full movie download in HD’ ‘full Tamil movie Bigil download in HD’ ‘Tamil Movie Bigil download in HD’ etc.

Full Movie War in HD

The Movie stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff with Vaani Kapoor. War full Movie is the latest Bollywood movie of this year which is going to be the biggest success. At least director and producers think so. War full HD Movie is supposed to be released on 2nd October 2019. 

If you want to download War full movie on its release date, you can search for the keywords like these ‘Full Movie War download in HD’ ‘HD movie download War’ ‘Download full movie war in High quality’ ‘Latest Bollywood movie war download in HD’ etc. 

Full Movie Rambo; Last Blood in HD

Full Hollywood Movie Rambo; Last Blood stars Sylvester Stallone with Paz Vega and others. This movie is also one of the biggest Filmyhit Hollywood of this year. Full Hd Movie Rambo; Last Blood can be downloaded from Filmyhit Hollywood or Filmyhit online. 

Keywords that can be searched to download Rambo; Last Blood on the day of its Release are ‘Full Movie download Rambo; last blood’ Download full movie Rambo last blood’ ‘Rambo last blood full movie in HD’ etc.

Joker Full Movie Download Hollywood

The Movie Stars Joaquin Phoenix and Zazie Beetz. Joker is the upcoming Hollywood movie that will hit the cinema on 4th October. Full HD movie Joker is going to be one big hut not only on box office but also on People hearts. 

Keywords that would be trending on the day of Its release are ‘Full Hd Hollywood Movie Joker download’ ‘Download Full HD Movies Joker’ ‘Download Joker full Movie in HD’ ‘Joker Full Movie in HD download’ ‘Download Hollywood Movie Joker in HD’ Etc.You can download Full Movie Joker from Filmyhit Hollywood also. 

What is Filmyhit Ninja & Filmyhit Online? 

Filmyhit ninja and Filmyhit online are two of its famous domain extensions just like Filmyhit live and Filmyhit online. These work the same as the Filmyhit main site. Because as we know that Filmyhit. Com is an illegal site that’s why the site owner tries to change its domain extension once in a while to keep the site alive.

 Other features of Filmyhit ninja and Filmyhit online are these work as per their name also. If you wanna download any movie but you don’t like to surf slow downloading speed Filmyhit ninja gives you faster speed with its ninja links.

Second extension which is our Filmyhit online, here you can watch online movies for free. We constantly face this problem of downloading one shitty movie without even knowing about the story plot or actors. So, Filmyhit online provides you with the latest Bollywood movie to download after watching that online. 

Filmyhit ninja also offers free movies download in Hindi and free movies download in Telugu and Malayalam. Maybe that’s the reason why this is best known as free movies download online site. You can download movies on your mobile free also. Free movies download mobile sites this ranks as the top websites to download Tamil movies in HD or Telugu movies 2019 download.

One best thing about Filmyhit online or Filmyhit. Com is they have gathered huge data of South Indian Cinema. Like they have a separate category of Telugu movies downloads 2016, Telugu movies download 2017, and Telugu movies download 2019. Likewise, they also categorised Tamil Movies with their genre, actors and release date.

Tamil movies 2019 downloads have a separate category on Filmyhit site just after the category of Tamil new movies download 2018. You can download movies years too. Both these site of Bollywood movies download in HD quality are very famous all over India. No matter what you need I bet Filmyhit com site has that for you to download for free or watch online. 

Filmyhit. Com – Download HD Punjabi Movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies in 300Mb Format

Here we will see what else does Filmyhit offers on their site. 
Language                                                                        English
Earnings50k-200k per day
Earning sourceThird-Party ads
TypeFree Movies download torrent site

When Filmyhit established itself in India is still an unknown fact for many like its owners. Because if the government gets any of the things then this free movies download site will be removed and banned from Google. Presently Filmyhit home is active and running site in India and all over the world. You can still surf and use the features like Tamil Movies download HD or Tamil movies downloads free. 

You already saw they earn more than Rs. 50 thousand per day with this free movies download online site. They must have employed like 3-10 people for the job otherwise pirating Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood, Hollywood, Bhojpuri, Punjabi movies and all at the same time is nearly impossible. 

Telugu movies downloads HD is the newest category that you can find on the site with Tamil new movies download 2018 and Bollywood movies download HD are two oldest category. Overall the site is working very fine and gaining huge traffic not only from India but from all over the world. Due to its huge database collection of movies Filmyhit online site can be found very easily. 

How to download the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Tamil From Filmyhit

Learning about this much on a free movies download site is kind sparks the light in us. You must be willing to download your favourite movies in Tamil, Telugu or Bollywood or Punjabi. But wait before going to do so. Let’s see how to download latest Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hollywood Movies for free in HD quality. 

Though this HD Movies download site offers free movies download in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam but still certain things must be kept in mind. Let’s what are the things to remember while using his free movies download in hd site.

Filmyhit Punjabi – HD Movies download for Free

So, more or less this site works the same as the other free movies download hd sites. The things which make it different from others is its huge database about which we have talked earlier also.

If you know which movie you want to download then just search for the keyword and adding the site with it. If you want to download Saaho in HD quality Just search ‘Saaho full HD Movie download Filmyhit’ google will give you the direct link of the page where Filmyhit com 2019 has uploaded the movie. Just visit the page and click on the free movies download in Tamil link. 

But If you don’t know the movie name then just visit Filmyhit home and search based on release date or genre. When You Get Your favorite Tamil movies 2019 to download or any other movie to download just click on the movie link. That will redirect you to another page where movie details, its IMDB Ratings, screenshots from the movie to show you the quality of the movie will be shown. 

There you will also get to choose the format like whether you want to download the Bollywood movie in Hd, 720p, 1080p, or 320p etc. After choosing the format, scrolling below you will get the download button to get the free movies download. There you will also find the link to watch online movies for free. 

Filmyhit in Forum

Being one illegal free movies download mobile or pc site it has always the fear of getting blocked. And you know the worst part of it, No it’s not of getting blocked. It’s of how they will spread their new free movies download hd site’s name to the visitors. 

That’s why they make several online forums so that the new content and new site’s name can be easily made available to the users.They have several facebook pages, twitter id’s, Telegram channels etc. from where they operate secretly. You can get every latest update on which movie has been released recently or what is the name of the new site and you can even demand your favorite movie on their channels. 

New Links of filmyhit Hd Hollywood, Bollywood Site

The worst thing of movie piracy business is you need to be ready to flip your site and get another in just couple of hours Because government officials keep blocking the site as soon as they any info. Even Filmyhit home has been blocked many times that why now they have created several site’s with the same name to operate better. Below are the latest links for free movies download hd site;-
Filmyhit comFilmyhit plus
Filmyhit rocks                                                 Filmyhit tech
Filmyhit worldFilmyhit Moda
Filmyhit fundFilmyhit watch
Filmyhit clubFilmyhit guru
Filmyhit netFilmyhit online
Filmyhit liveFilmyhit style
Filmyhit inFilmyhit work
Filmyhit saleFilmyhit home

All these free movies download hd sites are active and running but as per the government’s view, they keep changing them. So when you search for any of these sometimes you might not find the site. Try searching for another. Though you can directly search for the keyword Filmyhit, You will surely get to the destination.

Why You must avoid downloading Punjabi, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil movies from these sites

You know how these free Hd movie downloading sites are destroying the mainstream film industry. Though the government has tried put a strict ban on online movie download site but we all know how much they have succeeded. This Filmyhit latest site whether its filmyhit Malayalam or filmyhit Tamil dubbed movies, they leak the every latest movie and make it available to download online. This reduces the cinema hall crowd which results in less earning on box office. 

Who doesn’t like free lunch but because of your constant visiting & downloading pirated movies from this HD movie downloading site’s, You are unknowingly doing punishable offence. Every year Indian movie industry bears losses of more than 2000 crores. You already know how hard it is to produce films, and if these films reach to your mobile without paying anything, too bad right? People won’t go to watch the film in cinema halls.

That’s why as an Individual and from my team, I request you to not visit free movie downloading site and do not download any movie from here. This is against the law and by doing so you are becoming a part of their piracy business.

Say No To Piracy. Follow Government rules and If you like watching so much, Please visit the cinema hall. Or Pay to watch Movie on Demand. You can also use, Services like Amazon Prime, Ullu, Netflix, Alt Balaji to watch your latest movies updates and shows. Say No To Piracy.


I Hope Now you have a better understanding of Filmy hit site and how to download latest Tamil, Bollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed movies etc. from this awesome site. You will also have learnt how to watch online movies for free with site’s like Filmyhit online. 

I would still advise you to stay away from these site’s as these are not just killing your time but making huge losses to our beloved film Industry, When you download any movie from these sites, you are promoting their illegal work. Please do not visit any of these free movies download site. Visit Cinema Hall and watch Your favourite movie there. 


According to the Indian Law of Piracy and Copyright, Piracy of any original content is one punishable offence. and its team don’t support any kind of piracy or copyright infringement. Content here given about the filmy hit is only for knowledge and awareness purpose.

We have only tried you to give all the important information about the site. We are not intended to promote any illegal movie piracy business in any way. We advise you to stay away from these free movies download site and support our Cinema. 

Avoid Movie Piracy site and support your beloved actor or actress. Watching or downloading Movies or shows from these site’s is also punishable under IPC. Find one Legal and good way to download or watch the latest movies online or offline. 

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